Florentine Rose Floor Installation - CODAworx

Florentine Rose Floor Installation

Submitted by Patricia Dreher

Client: Tom and Barbara La Tour

Location: St Helena, CA, United States

Completion date: 2008

Artwork budget: $11,000

Project Team


Patricia Dreher

Interior Designer

Pamela Belnap


Wall to wall canvas floorcloth installation for wine cellar in out building attached to private residence. Commissioned by Tom and Barbara La Tour. Approximately 225 sq. feet. $11,000.


The client and interior designer wanted the floorcloth to reflect the warm wood wall racks and red walls as well as to have an Italian terrazzo stone floor feeling. These suggestions were considered by the artist when designing the project.


The artist worked closely with the interior designer to make the appropriate color and design choices. The artist worked with a skilled linoleum layer to install the project properly.