Private Stairwell, Sydney


Client: Private

Location: Sydney, Australia

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Sarah Do and Michael Alscher

Industry Resource

Dejan Slavuljica


Elyssa Sykes-Smith


This artwork was a private commission for a stunning home in Sydney. The client commissioned me to create an artwork in response to the stairwell. The artwork depicts two figures suspended from the ceiling and wall that reach out to each other, forming a bridge between the space. Conceptually the artwork speaks of two individuals navigating a complicated environment in an attempt to stay connected. Created from timber and paint.


I presented a series of drawings that portrayed the two figures in a variety of compositions. The client went through the designs and asked for a composition that integrated two of the proposed designs. From this point onwards I created the figures in sections like a puzzle and assembled them with an experienced install team during the installation of the artwork on site.