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Prismatic Landscape

Submitted by Ptolemy Mann

Client: Johnson Tiles at Clerkenwell Design Festival

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $70,000

Project Team

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Johnson Tiles

Johnson Tiles


Ptolemy Mann


Prismatic Landscape was an artwork created to showcase a new range of tile colours for the UK tile manufacturer Johnson Tiles. Made up of 4.600 ceramic tiles, of both matte and satin finish, this 18 x 3m temporary installation was created for Clerkenwell Design Week in London by the textile artist Ptolemy Mann who also worked as colour consultant in re-colouring the 100 year old range.


This was a temporary installation and it was essential that it provided a massive and immediate impact for the audience who visit this established Design Fair in Central London. It also served as the entrance way leading to the hub of the fair. A sense of movement was important to propel visitors along and through the space. It was also designed to celebrate this 100 year old product in a new guise. 68 colours were carefully integrated to appear like many more infinite colours thus illustrating the versatility of the colour palette and also the interaction of matte versus gloss finishes.


Extensive discussion took place initially to fine tune the existing range of colours and also to add to them. Once the palette had been sampled and established by Ptolemy Mann she was then asked to use every colour through an 18 x 3m stretch to show the scope of the humble square tile. vast technical knowledge was required to get the colours absolutely right and then a complex installation plan was made by Ptolemy so the 4,600 tiles were installed in the right place. Panels were tiled in sections off site and then installed on site and grouted in situ to ensure a perfect finish. Despite being a temporary project it was perfectly installed as if permanent.

Additional Information

This project was a challenge of how to create a real sense of movement and flow within the limits of the simple square glazed tile. This modular approach could be applied to other public projects and locations worldwide.