Prendedero Público - CODAworx

Prendedero Público

Submitted by Omar Gómez González

Client: FILUX

Location: México, Mexico

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $2,660

Project Team


Omar Gómez González



Rodrigo Olvera

Amarillo Público


The Prendedero Público is a set of 6 electronic-technological clotheslines distributed throughout the public space. From each of these clotheslines hangs a series of luminaires-garments, lamps and infrared sensors that interact with the movement of the public to achieve a diverse variety of light and sound compositions.
Each clothesline has a measure of 3.5 meters, they are separated from each other 3.5 meters by a total of 17.5 meters wide. on the street.
The light used is a warm color temperature whose purpose is to provoke sensations of relaxation, well-being, tranquility, conviviality and to make the audience feel at home.


The Public Fillet aims to regenerate the public space with light, clothes and sound. It is an interactive installation that encourages play and social bond between people by organizing directly and indirectly to achieve maximum light and sound compositions through the sum of their kinetic energy.
The lighting is warm color temperature with touch-ups of red, blue, green light and translucent yellow material whose purpose is to provoke sensations of relaxation, well-being, tranquility, conviviality and make the audience feel at home.
The interactivity of the public with light acts as a social medicine by inciting and provoking links between them, turning them into protagonists and an essential part in the operation of the installation. Light has a ludic-social objective, it is a language and a means of expression for the audience, which generates content and experiences an intrinsic interaction even without direct physical or visual contact. On the other hand, the installation plays with the concepts Public / Private, Intimacy / Identity / Transculturation, Spectator / Creator / Participant, Architecture / Human scale, Technology / Innovation.Technology / Innovation.


In this project there is a collaboration mainly between two artists, Rodrigo Olvera Visual Artist and Omar Gómez Electronic Artist who encouraged the collaboration of the general public by inviting them to donate and artistically transgress their clothing using cuts and translucent materials to overexpose the lamp's luminosity . The idea is to capture the identity and creativity of people in clothes.
During the assembly of the installation, people near the place, friends and the general public were invited to help.
He joined the production Oscar Baltazar Mata who made a sound design that complemented the interactive installation, also during the presentation the collective Music "Sound Chakanais" made a sound performance encouraging the dance and coexistence among the public.
At the same time, photographers and cameramen were in charge of generating the future visual content, which has been a fundamental part for its dissemination

Additional Information

The clothesline is a characteristic of the last century in Mexico City, it deals with the conceptual axis of transculturation by "exporting" an element that characterizes the Mexican landscape "the clothesline" as a result of a daily domestic activity, washing clothes and laying it in the sun to dry off; the clothesline is an ephemeral way of giving life, color and movement to the roofs of buildings and the landscape; it is a public way of partially exhibiting the intimacy, identity and culture of people.