Prairie Blue Horizon - CODAworx

Prairie Blue Horizon

Client: Blue Cross Manitoba

Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Completion date: 2007

Artwork budget: $70,000

Project Team


Warren Carther

Carther Studio Inc.

Lead Interior Designer

Cindy Rodich

Stantec Architecture Ltd.

Head Studio Assistant

Dan Brown

Carther Studio Inc.


“Prairie Blue Horizon”, is a multi-layered carved glass wall. It was carved and shaped using abrasive blast technology. The colours were applied by various techniques including bonding coloured glass layers with optically clear adhesives. The sculpted glass responds to its architectural environment through its use of colour and light. Additionally, it references the prairie landscape and the function of the building as the headquarters of the Manitoba Blue Cross.


I wanted the piece to reflect the prairie landscape and the function of the building as the headquarters of the Manitoba Blue Cross without resorting to visual clichés.
Though the glass wall is primarily abstract, it has strong landscape imagery with the prairie horizon line dominating the composition. The large cut opening in the front layer of glass reveals a second layer of glass with a field of blue crosses on its surface. The blue crosses are in the form of the iconic Blue Cross logo but are distressed and flawed reflecting the imperfections in human life.


The designer Cindy Rodych and myself discussed the space and what the significant aspects of the space were before I began my drawings. These discussions were helpful in developing the design and concept of the work.

Additional Information

Light plays a significant role in this work. The piece has a western exposure, creating diffused even light. However, when the sun reaches the west, later in the day, intriguing things happen. Direct sun projects ghostlike blue crosses onto to the lip of the cut opening and dramatic horizontal shadows cover the work due to the exterior metal louvers. The interaction of projected light and shadow was a consideration in the design and adds poetry to the piece.