Potenza - CODAworx


Client: Westfield Development

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $280,000

Project Team


David Griggs

David Griggs LLC

Industry Resource

Bella Glass

Bella Glass

Art Consultant

Melinda Percell

Melinda Percell Fine Art


“Potenza”, or “the energy wall” is an art-glass project in the lobby of energy company’s corporate headquarters. This dynamic installation creates a wall of layered glass that is activated by color-shifting banks of LED lights. Layers of textured glass, held together by dichroic stand-offs, are illuminated by programmed lights tucked into the wall’s cove and soffit.


Commissioned by Xcel Energy for their new corporate headquarters, the clients asked for a wall design that would communicate their commitment to providing power to the eight-state region. The result is "the energy wall", an active artwork that changes form and color throughout the day and night. Multiple banks of LED lights illuminate the textured glass, programmed to change their color and pace throughout the 24-hour cycle.


Working with the building's architects and the energy company client, I learned about the power and reach of Xcel Energy, along with the character and intent of the building's lobby design. These qualities were incorporated into the concept in order to communicate the dynamic nature of this essential industry.