Post 390 Restaurant - CODAworx

Post 390 Restaurant

Submitted by Deborah T. Colter

Client: Post 390

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2009

Project Team

Art Consultant

Melissa Twomey, Art Consultant

Vision Art Consulting


Deborah T. Colter


Working together with Melissa was a pleasure. She was searching for a number of different works for this project. A large painting was needed for this lower bar space and she commissioned this work based on a smaller piece, looking to match color and feel in a large statement work. Additional works were required for upstairs areas of the restaurant and the 4 works on paper worked perfectly on a long wall space.


I was contacted by the consultant who described her needs. I was able to provide images of current available work and 6 pieces were placed in the project. We were able to place existing work and commission work based on different areas of the restaurant.