Client: Texas State University

Location: San Marcus, TX, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Olaniyi Akindiya




This installation works was design in form of cone, pyramid but to turn it upside and also to involve / use of light direct into the slide to shot the images in the slide to the floor of the building and wall.size of the 10 x 25 x 25 ft.


We as people cannot survive without one another. What is our relationship with our neighbors? What do we think someone next to you will have to say about you, or what do you have to say about someone you live with or work with? How do see yourself in the mirror every morning? Materials used are re-purposed boxes, cut, sprayed, and woven with threads. The slides were collected from various people which I don’t know sewn together with needles. We shot light into the slides from the ceiling after installed.


This projects was very unique because it involve many people whom the artists did not know or meet because of the slide which were call for/request on the media stations like facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter, pinterest and so on for whomever has slide at home in store who is willing to donate it for this projects, during this we are able to get 10,000 plus slide from all over the world and the second part of the projects is the re-purposed boxes/cardboard which the artists cut them with hand paper cut into stripes and then weave them together with threads and after spray them with black acrylic paints, then installed.