Porta l No. 3, Series b - CODAworx

Porta l No. 3, Series b

Submitted by Marcia Raff

Client: City of Modiin

Location: Modin, Israel

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $55,000

Project Team

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Marcia Raff

Marcia Raff Studio


Portal No 3, Series 2bb, 16.5 feet high (5 meters) corten steel, Portal no 3,Series 2b,12 inches h x 12”w, rusty steel


This sculpture was commission to be located near the Western entry to the City of Modiin, Israel


I had this fabricated in a Foundry in israel. the City already had two other of my monumental sculptures in public places and liked my work so they commissioned my sculpture for their new entrance,

Additional Information

I have been exhibiting this in Art Expos around the USA in the 12” high size. All sizes are made in Editions of 9.