Pop Star - CODAworx

Pop Star

Submitted by Hao Li

Client: Private

Location: Shanghai, China

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $400,000

Project Team


Li Hao


Nan Xueqian


Ai Song


Pop Star is a mega kaleidoscope in Shanghai. The form comes from the deconstruction of the icosahedron. It presents strict symmetry as a whole, while every detail changes due to the deconstruction, bringing a kaleidoscope-like rich visual experience.
It celebrates the interconnection of sky and earth, old and new, humans and our physical world, bridging opposites with bold colors and soft lines that flow between its surroundings of landscape.
It is a 15-meter-high megastructure, the main material is steel and acrylic.


The architects use the immersive drama creation method to invite the audience to become a part of Pop Star's installation works, so that perceptions of both sides collide with each other, and an inescapable relationship is established between the producer and the recipient, as well as the recipient and the world in which they live.
For architect of Pop Star, it was not his objective of creation to simply display bizarre and colorful spaces, but to allow people here to rethink the relationship between man and nature, environment, society, and politics.
Form and spirit is one. Like a lighthouse, Pop Star is an existence outside the viewer while is also a community of the all the viewers at the same time.
Pop Star not only continues to mobilize the perception of tourists who come to Hengsha Island, but also helps build a new relationship with the surrounding space. And the villagers would reconsider this familiar land, while arranging their fields, dredging the canals, fishing and strolling under the installation.


The Pop Star series is a global traveling project. Each installation has unique colored and lighting designed to speak with its specific architectural and historic context. Projects are designed according to the climate and intended lifespan for each site and context.
As a 15-meter-high megastructure, the component size of the installation was strictly limited within the transportation size by the architect.
A flexible system was customized to ensure all components can be quickly assembled and without destroying the base.