POP! - CODAworx


Submitted by Gentilhomme

Client: Quartier des Spectacles

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Design & Creative Direction

Thibaut Duverneix & Mathieu Léger


Interactive Design

Marouane Sahbi


Creative Coding

Etienne Garon-Vincent & François De L'Isles


Project Management

Lucie Brillouet



Jack World


Playful, luminous and musical, the interactive installation POP! is an ode to celebration that is brought to life by the participant. This work consists of 5 monoliths, each containing an inflatable creature with a unique character designed to beckon joy for both young and old alike. The installation is currently on tour internationally.

The project is designed to spark collective joy and to deepen a sense of connection between passersby and the public spaces that surround them. Working as a giant jack-in-the-box, the goal is to free the creatures by talking or even singing to them. As encouragement builds, the monolith’s gauge gradually lights up. And if participants succeed in releasing all 5 at the same time, they’ll offer the spectators a show!

POP! Is modular and fully adaptable, making it ideal for companies seeking to make their mark through event launches, cultural events, and other exclusive commercial opportunities. Currently on tour in the United States and Canada, the installation has visited five locations and counting since its inception, and has seen over one million visitors.


Montreal’s Luminothérapie event, the original display of this work, targets a specific niche which promotes public spaces as a vehicle for the creation and dissemination of exceptional creative installations during the iconic Quebec winter. Animating Montreal’s cultural district, we set out to offer residents and visitors of Montreal a moment of collectivity and play.

The installation is informed by the act of participation and collectivity in both its design and user experience. Employing interactive technology as the backbone of this project, we wanted to create an installation that relied on the participation from its users, adding a level of engagement that created a more memorable and magical experience. The instructions are simple, and communicated to users either through observing others or reading the brief message displayed on the installation itself. The experience was also informed by participation in that the main display relies on the simultaneous engagement of five individuals, ultimately encouraging collaboration with others– whether friends, family, or complete strangers.


The installation may seem straightforward, but the creation of the five creatures required a sophisticated mechanical and electronic engineering system. They must operate non-stop in the public square for over eleven hours daily and endure Montreal’s harsh winter conditions. Despite the challenges, the installation brought people of all ages together to celebrate with joy and whimsy.

Our in-house team of creative designers and coders, in collaboration with Montreal-based engineering firm Jack World Inc., designed and constructed the installation, which featured world-building themes and five distinct creatures, each with its own name and look.