Pompano Drum Circle - CODAworx

Pompano Drum Circle

Submitted by Bill and Mary Buchen

Client: Broward County Arts Council

Location: Pompano Florida, FL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


Bill Buchen

Sonic Architecture


Drawing upon the musical traditions of the diverse cultures represented in the Pompano Beach community, Pompano Drum Circle connects these traditions through the universal language of rhythmic percussion. Sited on a paved circle, a grouping of sculptural instruments invites communal music making.


We wanted to reflect the cultural traditions of the neighboring community. Especially intriguing was the chance to incorporate traditions from Haiti and Brazil


We worked closely with stakeholders and the community to develop a project that creates an environment for creating music.

Additional Information

Individual components include: Earth Drum: Buried partly below ground, the African Earth Drum is played with the feet while sitting on the seat attached to the hand-played Djembe drum. Earth Bow: Inspired by the Brazilian Berimbau, it’s played by striking the tensioned wire with the attached nylon stick. Bata Drum has cultural roots in Haiti, Cuba and West Africa. The African Djembe Drum is used in musical ensembles throughout the world. The Tambor Drum originated in West Africa and was brought to Brazil where it is found in Samba bands.