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Polylight Technology

Submitted by ilya sobol

Client: Various

Location: Moscow, Eskilstuna, Boston, Sweden

Completion date: 2018

Project Team

Industry Resource

evegeny koramblum

oom studious


ilya sobol



This is showcase of our Polylight technology possibilities. Polylight is our own developed software that enables us atomatically design and fabricate any polygonal shape tube-based controllable LED objects. We can import in to algorythm lines or mesh. Basically our software generates tube joints of any size and configuration. That enables us to create recognizable form sculpture by connecting tubes together and wire them through this joints. As a result we get compact packing, weather proof, reusable anyshape and size structures. Example of this technology is in the video below.


Main goal of our technology is true customization. Any users of modular led light system can create some typical geometric shapes, but no one except us can fabricate recognizable shapes from led tubes. Our sculptures is lightweight, reusable and very compact packed. Next goal is automation. Basically we have to different auomations caused by each other. Design stage automation and fabrication automation. By autumating design process we speeded up time to get ready design project from scratch. Compare to traditional CAD design that would took around 10-14 days to get same design ready, we spent only two to four hours, to get same fully completed result. Also such quick way to design allows us to control any collisions on the fly and implement any edits and changes immidiately. Rather than fabricate sculpture by hands, we use 3D printing, that allows us to reduce fabrication costs and fabrication defects caused by human factor. Compare to traditional ways of fabrication that needs from 3 to 5 workers to create a piece, we can fabricate with only one worker, who makes very simple free of mistakes work. Average time of installation is 2 hours, deinstallation is half an hour.

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