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Client: City of Fairbanks

Location: Fairbanks, AK, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $270,000

Project Team


Michael Vandermeer


Cheryl Hamilton


H 40’ x W 20’ x W 20’ Fairbanks, AK USA
Stainless Steel, programmed LED lighting $270,000
A monument to the culture and landscape of Fairbanks in crystalline and luminous form. Located at the entrance to the Gold Rush Highway, this sculpture commands attention as an iconic landmark. Reflecting the golden light of the midnight sun, the sculpture becomes a monument to Fairbanks’ deep history of gold mining. The programmed LED lighting shifts colour over the sculpture providing an animated tableau in the dark months.


It was integral to this project that the artwork could withstand the diverse climate challenges, be vandal resistant as well providing a monumental and iconic image to inspire the community as well as visitors to the area.


Community leaders with no previous experience with public art undertook the Fairbank’s project. ie: engaged in a community program that lead to the excited acceptance of the sculpture by the locals. ie: is very proud of how, through their efforts and outreach, the diverse stakeholders came together to form a team with a common vision and goal. ie: built the sculpture in their studio in Vancouver BC Canada and shipped it to Fairbanks where they worked with local contractors to install and then celebrate this iconic and successful sculpture!

Additional Information

This project sits between a church and a local pub along a major thoroughfare. The perfect spot for all residents and visitors to come upon it and reflect on this unique community.