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Point of View

Submitted by Ray King

Client: Taiwan Ministry of Culture

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Ray King

Ray King Studio

Public Art Agent

Blue Dragon Art Company

Blue Dragon Art Company

Art Consultant

Chuying "Evy" Wang

Art Consultant

Chungyu Huang


Point of View, 2014 Ministry of Culture, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Commissioned by Blue Dragon Art Company
26’ h x 64’ w x 40’ d, 2200㎝(W) x 800㎝(H) x 1150㎝(D)
Dichroic Glass, Stainless Steel
A suspended dichroic glass sculpture that interacts with viewers as they move through space, reacting to the sunlight, reflecting light and color into the surrounding space. Visible from three levels, the geometry of the sculpture appears from the mezzanine as a curved segment of a cone, and from the main floor lobby appears as a wall of color dappled in light.


The artwork "POINT OF VIEW" consists of laminated glass elements suspended from the grand hall ceiling structure focused to the central spiral stair, the fan shaped glass formation expands outward from bottom to the top, in a unique oblique half-cone shape. The glass elements use a special dichroic coating that shifts from transparent cyan / to reflect gold when viewed from various angles.

The dichroic glass elements can shift from cyan to blue to magenta, with complimentary spectrum reflections ranging from orange to yellow/gold. Within a wing of color, each piece of the glass reflecting the sun's golden color.....changing from transparent blue / pink to reflective gold....as a metaphor for the mind which goes from dream to conscious thinking.


In designing Point of View, I was inspired by the vast open space of the three-story lobby. The building houses various cultural organizations and I wanted to reflect the diversity of those groups who use the space.