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Plaza Las Americas2

Submitted by Jo Schneider

Client: Empressa Fonalledas

Location: San Juan, PR, United States

Completion date: 2000

Project Team


Jo Schneider Design LLC

Jo Schneider Design


Plaza Las Americas

Empressa Fonalledas

Industry Resource

Tallix Foundry's Greg Glasson

Polich Tallix Foundry



Callison RTKL


Four Courtyards of sculpture at Plaza Las Americas include the Taino Indian Spinning Star – 25'x25'x25' aluminum; Rain court- 30'x30'x30' hand blown glass; Air driven kinetic sail court 20'x20'x20' aluminum and plexiglass and JC Penney's Rain Forest Animal Court 60'x60'x30' Lizard, Frog and Snake in aluminum and stainless steel.


The dynamic sculptures are an attraction for the mall and place making as a prominent place in Puerto Rico. Many elements are kinetic, wind and water driven.


JoSchneider Design LLC was a sub-consultant to the architects RTKL for the client Empressa Fonalledas. I continued to work closely for a year with Tallix foundry to realize the works.

Additional Information

It is with great gratitude to Empressa Fonalledas for their vision ; RTKL for their collaboration; and Tallix for their terrific skill that made this project possible and successful!!