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Playa Vista Home

Submitted by Adrienne Mascaro

Client: Private Homeowner

Location: Playa Vista, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $450,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Adrienne mascaro

D2 Art

Interior Designer

Adrienne Mascaro

Studio Blu


This residence is new construction in the Silicone beach area, Playa Vista CA. This very new neighborhood and zip code is saturated with High end creative professionals, Google and Snap chat employees. My client is young, hip and in the music industry. He loves a warm contemporary style, and Studio blu was grateful to have the opportunity to design everything from the custom wall paper, to hide rugs.


Dave was searching for the right artists to complete his vision for his home. The art and the artist had to mean something really close to home to him. The stair way piece is so powerful and my client and it is the first thing he sees as he walks in his front door. When he was researching street artists he would send me links to their websites. As an interior designer I feel my role is to introduce an artist to my client, and to give only my opinion on scale. Art is personal and my clients home to represent my client, not me. Dave picked the artist and the piece and I think is it perfect for the 20' stair way wall. I actually found the lighting fixture after purchase so that I could be respectful to art. The black and white and its sever contrast was the start of my inspiration and helped me select the furniture. The custom rug design is from Kyle Bunting, and I feel he is a master of color and texture.


Thankfully my client has a lot of trust in my ability to capture what he desires and I do the best wrangle in everyone where all pieces complement each pother. I incorporated his art into the space with great care and appreciation for the artist work. D2 Art was as always a great contributor and a wonderful representative to the some of the artists shown.

Additional Information

Just that I am grateful to the client for giving me this opportunity to work on such a fun project. Grateful to work with such vendors like Kyle Bunting, B&B Italia, and D2 Art, so that I can create a space that my client loves. Also, as a designer I never want a room I design to take away from the art. I want the art to live and breathe in the space.