Play of Light - 1670 Broadway - CODAworx

Play of Light – 1670 Broadway

Client: 1670 Broadway

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $185,000

Project Team


Jane Guthridge


Joe Riche

Demiurge Design


Designed for 1670 Broadway’s atrium, “Play of Light” is a three-story suspended artwork inspired by the brilliant Colorado sunshine. The patterns come from the light between leaves, emulating the experience of dappled light in a forest. The biomorphic shapes use materials that interact with light creating a dynamic, immersive experience of light and shadow that changes through the day, month and seasons.

Formed acrylic and stainless steel cables, 28ft L x 17ft D x 20ft H


1670 Broadway wanted an energetic, modern connection to nature and Colorado. It was important to create a welcoming experience that would be visible from outside and from the interior third floor windows.

With their goals in mind I envisaged an artwork that used the site’s ample sunlight and architecture, to create a work that emulated the restorative experience of dappled light in Colorado woodlands. The artwork would create a welcoming experience that changes throughout the day and seasons, encouraging connection and interaction. "Play of Light" would create a connection to nature in an urban environment, helping to lower stress and create a sense of well-being.


I worked closely with the designer, ownership and property management to integrate the work into their space and their vision for reimagining the space. The designers vision and aesthetic aligned with my own - harnessing the energies of the natural world to create a space for gathering, connection and enjoyment.

Collaborating with Demiurge was invaluable. Their knowledge, expertise and talent was essential in making this work a reality.