Platinan - CODAworx



Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Astrid Krogh

Astrid Krogh Design Aps





In central Gothenburg the building “Platinan” stands firmly next to Hisingsbron. Platinan (platinum in Swedish) is a visionary architectural element in Gothenburg’s new urban environment – Älvstaden.

The artwork PLATINAN develops its artistic design based on the nature of gravitational waves emitted by colliding neutron stars: the birth of the element platinum.

Only via the inevitable reflection in the glass facade the design of the artwork PLATINAN is perceived as complete. With these reflections the artwork mimic the endless universe.

PLATINAN consists of curved gold-plated (23 carat) surfaces and curved luminaries with LED strips mounted along the entire length of the arches, both downwards and upwards. LED spots also placed along the length. Both LED bands and spots are dimmable, so PLATINAN is not overpowering, but can be adjusted to be aligned with the other lights of
the building.

During daytime the daylight interact with the golden surfaces and in an elegant way the artwork PLATINAN fits into this urban environment – like a sophisticated piece of jewelry.


As a result of the use of light in PLATINAN, this site-specific art can be seen from a long distance. But the ceiling light also creates a cozy atmosphere in this large impressive entrance area around the main entrance of the building Platinan.

Hereby the artwork PLATINAN turns the grand scale into on a more human scale.