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Plastic Reflectic

Submitted by Thijs Biersteker

Client: -none

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Thijs Biersteker

Thijs Biersteker.


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Plastic Reflectic Interactive plastic mirror installation
Plastic Reflectic (2016) is an interactive kinetic installation that lets the spectator reflect on the concept of our growing plastic problem in our oceans.

These plastics move from human waste into nature’s food chain and slowly intertangles with our muscle and fat tissues, turning us slowly into plastic. As an experience, the installation reflects its audience in plastic pixels made from ocean plastics from around the world. The interaction with the installation empowers the spectator with the thought that their movement now can influence the ever growing plastic problem later.


Working together witn the Plastic Soup foundation we where searching for a type of work that feels both organic and artificial. It probes the questions how much our movement is still of any influence on the growing gaps between man and nature or if the gap is closing in away we might not like.


Plastic Reflectic is a stand alone installation to inspire, educate and provoke thought en interaction. Its Build using 601 pieces plastics originating from all oceans of the world. The pixel grid of 601 waterproof engines under the biobased water are controlled by motion sensors that capture the movement and outline of its spectators