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Planet Earth- Waterfire Arts Center

Client: Waterfire Arts Center

Location: Providence, RI, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


joan hall

Havsflickan studio LLC

gallery space

Waterfire Arts Center


Algae Bloom 2022
20 ft x 38 ft x 24inches
Handmade paper, acrylic hand cut installation of over 40 sections

An Exhibition of Art and Science and Looking at the Beauty and Fragility of Our World

The earth is its beauty and majesty has long fascinated and inspired artists and scientists of all cultures. Both use vision to understand the empirical facts of the real world-and use imagery again to convey their ideas and conclusions. This exhibition presents over thirty spectacular artworks by contemporary artists that expand upon the interconnected nature of the world. It also includes historical artworks and photographs from several cultures stretching across the continents and connections to this larger story of the discovery, exploration and exploitation….
The curatorial approach is not through the lens of art history, but rather (to better match its subject) through the interconnected networks that become part of our perceptual ecology.

Barnaby Evans


The goal was to install the work so it "grew' across the walls, much like the increase in Algae Bloom on our waterways.


Over 40 panels were created by making sheets of kozo and gampi paper up to 8 x 10 ft. The panels were then printed, painted with paper pulp and laminated to Duralar with acrylic. The panels were then hand cut. the sections were then installed with handmade glass pins