Place to Place - CODAworx

Place to Place

Submitted by Apparatus

Client: Curtin University

Location: Perth, Australia

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $500,000

Project Team


Warren Langley

Public Art Consultant

Helen Curtis

Apparatus: Public Art + Cultural Services


Curtin University


Urban Design




Place to Place is a single artwork installed across three sites at Curtin University’s new Exchange Precinct.

Artist Warren Langley’s latest work is a series of nodal artworks which complement the choreography of pedestrian movement. By day, the glass surface functions as reflective mirrors creating continual dialogue between the viewer, the landscape and the built environment. At night, the glass surface exudes a soft coloured glow, functioning as way-finding elements through the live in learning precinct.

The materiality of the artworks, the playful nature of their reflections, the optimism and anticipation provided by the evening glow assists in humanising and activating the public spaces.

Artist Warren Langley’s concept is drawn from the idea of a “Living Knowledge Stream” – a reference to an actual paleochannel buried beneath the Curtin University precinct approximately 12,000 years ago.


Exchange is all about connection, putting the way people live, interact and move at its heart. It considers and allows for 'desire lines' - the routes created by people who chose paths that aren't necessarily defined by roads or walkways. This free flow of movement isn't only limited to walking, but also relates to the movement of ideas, opinions and lifestyles. It's about choosing to bend the rules a little, to challenge the status quo and forge new pathways.

Day and night, Exchange will be a constance source of energy, shaped by those who live, work and meet there. The energy is visually represented by the Exchange orb, which encapsulates the power and movement, free thinking and connection. Together with its bright primary colours and energetic graphic lines and shapes, the Exchange brand is designed to inspire change and ignite meaningful interactions.

When complete, the Exchange precinct will bring industry and community together in conditions designed to amplify connection, open minds and fuel the sort of thinking that will make tomorrow better.


The sculptural elements consist of stainless steel structural frames glazed with a custom laminated glass developed specifically for this project. Utilising a reflective glass typically used in architectural facade glazing for the daytime mirrored effect, this layer provides 100% mirror imaging with only 58% light reflection.

This specialist glazing product is laminated with translucent coloured films and another layer of glass providing the unique transformative effect from day to night.

Internally, white LED technology illuminates the artworks at night. No digital interface or colour changing is required since the glass interlayers provide the colour and glow.

Each of the three sites required a different integration detail. Careful consideration for the surrounding landscape during both design and construction was required. Conceived to rest amongst planting, in paved thoroughfares, and on adjoining landscape features, the eight elements reflect their surroundings and remain somewhat camouflaged during the day before emerging as markers at dusk.