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PITZ – Parchimer Innovations- und Technologiezentrum

Submitted by bbp : architekten bda

Client: Stadt Parchim

Location: Parchim, Germany

Completion date: 2004

Project Team


bbp : architekten bda

bbp : architekten bda


Björn Bergfeld


PITZ is arisen due to the rebuilding of an existing kitchen and cantine building. The existing building was dismantled down to the steel structure and completely rebuilt. The PITZ logo was achieved by relief-styled cutting into the rendered facade. The second plaster level is developed, analogue in colour and structure to the outer level, so that the text becomes legible, merely by the casted shadows. The walls of the foyer are decorated with an abstract PITZ logo. The foyer and seminar rooms can be united to a multifunctional area by means of flexible room dividers.


Supporting the special distinctive identity of the building was the goal of integrating the artwork into the architecture. For the overall design it was very important not to use art as a seperate addition to the building but to integrate art into the architecture to develop both disciplines to an integral whole.


The design was developed in close collaboration of architects und artist, as they depend on each other. Also the acceptance of the client was of great importance so he was involved into the design process at an early stage.

Additional Information

The project was honored with a recognition of the BDA-building award Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2002.