Philadelphia Airport RENAISSANCE Iconic Art - CODAworx

Philadelphia Airport RENAISSANCE Iconic Art

Submitted by Arjuna Noor


Client: Marriott

Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $88,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Keith Neves

Industry Resource

Victor Rakovich


Arjuna Noor



A multi-team collaboration that involve designers, architect, LED Engineer, artist, installers, electrician and project manager. As a preferred vendor for the Marriott senior design team, we were commissioned for this 6 month project to pull off a feat that is the largest photokinetic art installation ever 40'x18'.


The primary goal for the project was to create an evocative yet relaxing ambiance that while being monumental will also provide patrons and visitors with a 'feeling of expansiveness' - a place to forget the outside frenzy of an international airport and settle in for a cup of ambiance and relaxed mood.

Additional Information

We also do medium scale installation using a patent pending process of melding fine art and software programmed LED lighting to create stand alone iconic "Photokinetic installations" for our clients. Having deployed over 40 large scale installations both nationally and internationally, we have taken the 'LIGHT BOX' concept to a new level.