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Personages, 2024

Submitted by Ann Weber Sculpture

Client: BRE-BMR 5555 Hollis Street LP, Emeryville Center of Innovation

Location: Emeryville, CA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team


Ann Weber


Metalphysic Foundry


Rick Paris

Color Craft


Ann Weber, Personages, 2024, painted bronze, 102 x 45 x 10 inches and 105 x 44 x 10 inches, Chiron Plaza, Emeryville, California

Commissioned by BRE-BMR 5555 Hollis Street LP, Emeryville Center of Innovation,
Fabricated at Metalphysic Sculpture Studio in Tucson, Arizona and hand painted by Rick Paris at Color Craft in Oakland, California

The sculptures are part of an ongoing series called Personages. They reference personal relationships, how we fit together, our interconnectedness to everything in the world as well as to each other. As I construct these pieces the negative space of the armature is the basis for the positive space of the next sculpture. I created this series as an homage to all the people in my life that helped make me who I am. Neither entirely abstract nor representational but something in between I want the viewer to find something of themselves in the sculptures.


My artwork was selected by Jill Manton, Senior Public Art Project Manager, San Francisco along with 40 other artists and presented to the client. The client selected four artists as Finalists to create a proposal. I was one of two selected


All of my sculptures are created from found cardboard boxes, cut into strips and stapled together over a cardboard armature. The color is on the boxes. This sculpture is the first time I have cast the cardboard sculptures into bronze and not used a patina. I located a specialized painter of high end automobiles (such as lamboughinis) to reproduce the colors and patterns in the original sculptures including bar codes, etc.