Submitted by Perci Chester

Client: Private Collector

Location: Minneapolis, MN, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Perci Chester

Perci Chester Fine Arts

Interior Designer

Jim Saybolt & Steve Modrow

Biota Landscape Design


PERSONA caught the collector's eye because of it's color -multi pigment automotive enamel on stainless steel – that changes with the light and with the viewer circumnavigating the piece. The other attraction of the sculpture is it's form of a parallelogram that surprises the viewer from varying points of view. It stands five feet high, on a human scale and is the centerpiece of this beautiful garden.


Both the collectors and the landscape architects desired the sculpture to be the focal point of the grounds. Both felt the importance of the placement of the sculpture to be primary. The placement was considered by seeing the piece from inside the home with the view out into the garden and from the point of view of the outdoor pedestrian entry into the garden.


Before the actual installation, PERSONA was brought out and moved around to ascertain ample distance from the residence and with natural light surrounding the piece at all times of day. In addition, placement of lighting was considered and installed to illuminate the sculpture at night. The artist worked with the collectors and the landscape architects to insure everyone's satisfaction.

Additional Information

All collaborators were very pleased with the outcome and enjoy the fact that the sculpture changes with the light and time of day. It is a visual magnet yet is incorporated in a natural way into the colors and forms of the various plantings and is installed in the garden just on the edge of the patio area.