Pele Chandelier - CODAworx

Pele Chandelier

Submitted by Rick Strini

Client: Private Residence

Location: Wailea, HI, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Rick Strini

Strini Art Glass Ltd

Interior Designer

Gail de Back


The entryway chandelier was created to reflect on the influence of Pela the god of fire in Hawaiian mythology. The hallways leading to master bedroom have a glass ceiling. I also created he entryway chandelier and a unique very flat glass overhead lamp in a small bath. This was all blown glass, with over 1000 pieces. The internal cage was designed to accomodate the very latest in LED technology with dimmable controls. Tape, T8 tubes and diffusers were all installed inside the chandelier. 28' high to the ceiling, the chandelier is 5' wide by 7' tall.


The color and size was intregal for this entryway chandelier, as the wall were all murals of the mythology of the hawaiian heritage. Representing Pele the god of fire, the colors of the lava and size of the myth. The glass ceilings carried this theme into the master bedrooms.


The lead Interior Designer, Gail de Beck, had the vision to create for the glass ceilings. She helped to guide me through the projects and collaborated with me on the other pieces as well.

Additional Information

project also included hallway glass ceilings, bath chandeliers and bath low profile lamps.