Pegasus Ascendant - CODAworx

Pegasus Ascendant

Client: National Dendrological Park "Sofiyivka"

Location: Uman, Ukraine

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $140,000

Project Team

Igor Velikiy


Igor Muhin



Exquisitely crafted by DION, the installation known as «Pegasus Ascendant» represents a fusion of innovation and grace. Fashioned from robust steel, each line and curve of the Pegasus is meticulously shaped and galvanized, coated with high-quality automotive paint, and finished with a gleaming multi-layer varnish. This majestic figure seems to glide across the water, supported by a stainless steel base outfitted with floats to maintain its elegant stance just above the surface.

Stretching 2.5 meters in length and standing 3.2 meters tall, the Pegasus demands attention. Adorned with 15 brilliant lights embedded within its base and interior, it casts an enchanting glow that vitalizes the sculpture. These lights orchestrate an illumination spectacle, transforming the Pegasus from a mere sculpture to a radiant beacon visible from afar. DION has masterfully blended water, light, and the legendary tale of the Pegasus to create a captivating and singular experience.


Designed for a sprawling park and entertainment complex and positioned within an artificial pond, the «Pegasus Ascendant» installation captivates onlookers with its majestic beauty and grand scale. It conveys the illusion of the Pegasus standing on water, wings poised for flight, creating a powerful visual narrative of anticipation and mythic ascent.

Additional Information

The installation took 4 months to create.