Big Blue

Submitted by Allison Newsome


Client: Bioneers 2019 Boston GreenFest 2019

Location: San Rafael, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


Allison Newsome



Anne Meyer

Rochester University


RainKeep 14′ H x 10’W x 10′ D Big Blue was featured in 2019 on the Rose Kennedy Greenway at Boston GreenFest, and Bioneer Conference in San Rafael , CA where the public, of all ages, interacted with the sculpture and garden. With ‘Big Blue ’ I had the honor to collaborate with the lab of Anne Meyer, professor of biology at Rochester University, to incorporate their biologically grown nacre “Mother of Pearl” material onto my Rainkeep.


Big Blue, Collaborated with the lab of Anne Meyer at the Rochester University, by incorporating man made nacre, mother of pearl , as a surface material in the Rainkeep for the public to see and touch.
This man made grown nacre is a material informed by natural nacre that offers a non toxic durable coating that can be grown organically.


Collaboration with Luthers Welding and BAM Powdercoat for Leed credit . Collaborated with lab of Anne Meyer for samples of their groundbreaking, non toxic, organic, biodegradable, man made nacre, 'Mother of Pearl' protective coating to incorporate into the wings/petals of the Rainkeep, allowing the public to touch and think about the future applications of nacre as a protective coating to replace toxic two part epoxies now prevalent in the industry.

Additional Information

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