Payne Stewart

Submitted by Zenos Frudakis


Client: Pinehurst Resort

Location: Pinehurst Resort, Pinehurst, NC, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Zenos Frudakis


Robert Hayter


Pinehurst Resort

Industry Resource

Laran Bronze Foundry


The clients requested that I sculpt Payne Stewart in the iconic pose for which he is remembered for installation at Hole #2 on the course grounds. The sculpture stands 7 foot high figure in this dramatic pose.


"At all times, I was aware of Mrs. Stewart and Payne’s children, who were still reeling from his loss. I wanted to make the sculpture a success for them as much as for Pinehurst. I began with a small maquette to reference, then developed the over life size sculpture in clay. Then it was cast and ready for installation." - Zenos Frudakis, Artist


"I created a small clay model for review by Mrs. Stewart and Pinehurst working from photos and with clothing and accessories provided by Pinehurst. In order to assure that the bust on the sculpture would be exactly what Mrs. Stewart wanted, I created a separate life size bust of her husband. We worked on this bust together, going back and forth with photos of it and talks over the phone, until the expression was exactly what she wanted to see. Only then did I enlarge the figure to 7 feet high in clay and develop an accurate portrait likeness from the bust she and I created together. The resulting sculpture was acceptable to her and to Pinehurst. I then cast the work in bronze." - Zenos Frudakis, Artist

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