Client: Non Disclosed

Location: Milan, Italy

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Non Disclosed


Marc Fornes



Some take the road less traveled while others venture along the familiar path. Both are nomads following the compass within, discovering unknown realms, and charting their course by the light of the stars.

Pavilion Nomad by Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY is an aluminum-clad intercontinental traveler stationed at the Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades exhibit in Palazzo Serbelloni as part of the Milan Design Week 2023. Standing 4.8 meters tall and stretching 18 meters long, Pavilion Nomad is a deployable millimeter-thin locomotive, a jetsetting pavilion capable of trekking vast distances to reach edges of the world both far and wide.

Progressively assembled through a unified system of 1,679 parts and nearly 38,000 riveted connectors, Pavilion Nomad takes root in new soil and grows to become a unique spatial experience. A single layer of collaborative structural elements and an ultrathin architectural envelope are blended into self-supported shells which define the foamy silhouette of this globetrotting architecture.


As soft reflections glisten in the bulbous quicksilver surface, Pavilion Nomad takes on the characteristics of the environment around it. No matter its destination, this anodized formation is right at home, blending effortlessly into its context. Within the Palazzo Serbelloni, Pavilion Nomad resonates with historic palatial architecture by reflecting diffuse hues and images of the surrounding courtyard in its featherlight, futuristic skin.

Enigmatic glimpses through round windows and into black vortices beckon voyagers within the shell to an otherworldly environment ripe for exploration. Soft curves and fluid columns bifurcate and peel open to define billowing spherical volumes punctuated by an intricately porous constellation of light. Weaving in and out of pockets of space offer unseen vantages of shadows scattered across the floor plotting a map that can only be read from within Pavilion Nomad.