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Parked Perspectives

Submitted by Susan Cooper

Client: City of Denver

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 1991

Project Team

Industry Resource

Greg Ewing

Creative Carpentry


Susan Cooper


PARKED PERSPECTIVES is a seating/scultpure installation at the swimming pool at Congress Park in Denver. The “outdoor furniture” is over-sized which makes it more like sculpture. Thestrutures suggest a diverse community with various sizes, colors, and postures, and perspectives. A small, undersized installation is located at the nearby Congress Park Playground.


The goals were to visually appeal to visitors to enhance their experience at the pool. It is meant add intriguing perspective and to be useful as a resting place as furniture or in its shade.


I made small models out of wood. Full size forms were made to scale. Steel rebar rods were placed in the forms. Concrete was mixed, poured in the forms, and vibrated so that it would settle evenly. The forms were watered down to keep the drying time even over several days. The site was fit with footers. The sculpture was installed and paving was designed and poured.

Additional Information

By the time Mayor Federicko Pena cut the ribbon at the ceremony, people at the swimming pool were already sitting on it, draping towels on it, and diapering babies in its shade. This was exhilarating because the art was fully accepted and appreciated by the community for which it was created.