Parallels - CODAworx


Submitted by Architecture Social Club

Client: III Points Festival

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Design, Build, Content Development

Architecture Social Club

Architecture Social Club


Max Cooper



III Points Festival

III Points Festival


Parallels: an experiment in architectural light and sound inspired by dynamic movements and tones taken from our natural environments. Extruded light environments are created through thousands of laser beams, enveloping spectators in animated volumes of light. Moving imagery is stretched out into endless abstracted vivid atmospheres where ethereal fragments of natural phenomena pulse, fade, and flicker, alternating between moments of serenity to eruptions of chaos.


Parallels was commissioned as a powerful gateway to Miami's III Points festival, greeting guests and setting the scene for the experience that lies ahead of them. As a touring installation, Parallels has since been viewed by audiences across the world, acting as a stand alone installation, interactive experience, and live audio-visual performance. It is visual instrument that is always in development, never experienced the same way twice.

Drawing on research about the psychological and physiological effects of exposure to nature, the project strives to tap into the therapeutic properties of natural environments. By extracting animated light volumes from scenes in nature and integrating them within urban settings, the project aims to provide a meditative, immersive experience for viewers.

We developed a custom synthesis program to generate 3-dimensional moving images. We use a grid of 3,000 mirrors precisely mounted onto unique 3D printed junctions and an aluminium frame to project light beam images up to 200 metres away, providing an immersive visual experience.