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Paradigm Talent Agency

Submitted by Rottet Studio

Client: Paradigm Talent Agency

Location: Beverly Hills, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Rottet Studio

Interior Designer

Lendrum Fine Art


Paradigm Talent Agency

Industry Resource

eSquared Lighting

Industry Resource

ARC Engineering

Industry Resource

AMA Project Management


Clune Construction Company


For this 82,000-square-foot headquarters project in Beverly Hills, Paradigm Talent Agency challenged us to design a space which would foster collaboration, chance encounters and unity across three floors. The project consisted of advanced and unique design elements such as a one-of-a-kind curved staircase, screening room, signing room with curved glass walls, multiple listening rooms and voice over booths, and a large coffee lounge which extends from one end of the first floor through to the central courtyard. Complementing the interior architecture are collections of colorful and eclectic artwork which animate the space and echo the dynamic energy of the client.


Initiated by Chairman and CEO Sam Gores who had been collecting art for over ten years, Paradigm’s art program was assembled by Lendrum Fine Art in collaboration and Rottet Studio. Challenged with adding new commissioned and purchased artwork to the existing collection, the team re-curated the entire compilation to fill Paradigm’s new Beverly Hills office with light and movement. Colorful text-based screen prints, kinetic black-and-white photographs, and collages inspired by comic books, hip-hop, and graffiti are seen throughout. A commissioned piece by David Ellis comprised of album covers, wood and resin is hung fittingly near the entry to the music offices on the second floor.
While not all pieces were commissioned for the collection, many pieces were installed to feel very site-specific. The courtyard’s new granite, concrete, and turf surfaces surround an existing Eric Orr pyramid sculpture, which is a permanent installation and part of the art program of the city of Beverly Hills. Although this piece was not commissioned for the project, its integration within the overall courtyard design solidifies is a nod to the identity of Beverly Hills as a place for artists.


Rottet Studio collaborated with the art consultant to re-curate the collection and align it with the unique architectural components of Paradigm’s new space. A vibrant collection of 21 Eve Fowler text-based screen prints punctuate the walls surrounding the atrium stair, following its curvature upwards and reflecting in the mirror-finished ceiling above. Through thoughtful installation and vibrant colors and textures, the art in this space works to lighten up the immensity of the architecture. While this work is not site specific, the way the design team integrated the artwork into the space was, as it added a lot of color and energy to the architecture making it a great collaboration between Rottet Studio and Lendrum Fine Art.
As Paradigm’s role is to support both established and emerging artists, the design team felt the art program should do the same. Throughout the project, artwork by both well-known and new artists dot As such, several feature collages were installed showcasing a mix of work by established artists right next to up-and-coming artists, as seen on a focal wall in the Coffee Lounge which features artwork by Raymond Pettibon, Ed Ruscha, and Kelly Brumfield-Woods.

Additional Information

Paramount to the design of this project was creating public meeting areas towards which people can gravitate organically and meet during the course of the day. In response, Rottet Studio infused hospitality elements into the workplace and created hubs throughout the project. A dramatic interconnecting stair- designed to function as a vertical workspace connection between the three levels- is surrounded by dynamic collections of artwork. Nearby, the Coffee Lounge extends out to the central courtyard and offers employees and visitors alike a space to work, meet, and socialize.