Papillon / Doha - CODAworx

Papillon / Doha

Client: Al Khaliji Bank

Location: Doha, Qatar

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $280,000

Project Team


Ken Kelleher

Ken Kelleher Sculpture

Art Consultant

Carolyn Kelleher



A 3 meter / 12 ft tall sculpture for the lobby of the new headquarters of Al Khaliji Bank in Doha, Qatar. The sculpture deals with ideas of transformation and relationship, invoking the form of the butterfly and cocoon simultaneously. The material is warm feeling and the sculpture invites unique interpretations of the forms.


I worked with ATKYA, an art curator based in Doha and London. We submitted a range of different sculptures for consideration on an indoor and outdoor site. The piece needed to integrate with the overall aesthetics of the new building - which have a warm, formal feel, with natural finishes of black marble and dark wood interiors.


I worked with ATKYA in present a range of unique sculptures and forms that we thought were a great fit for the space. After several rounds the client made their selection and has been very happy with the finished sculpture.

Additional Information

We built this to scale as the building had been completed prior to the sculpture work - so we have very specific height and weight limitations to meet that we dialed in between myself, the curator, the client and the engineers.