Pangaea - CODAworx



Client: Cousins Properties

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $275,000

Project Team


Brian McCutcheon

Ignition Arts, LLC


Phil Proctor

Nucleus Sculpture Studio, LLC


Located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia — a series of layered aluminum ribbons interact with a field of points located throughout this exterior wall, creating a collection of interconnected nodes, hubs and conduits. The resulting composition is expressive of gestalt principles, or the human compulsion to find order in disorder by perceiving a series of individual elements as a whole. Named after the prehistoric supercontinent of Pangaea, this large-scale artwork is a collection of autonomous ‘islands’ that assemble into a singular, 3-story composition.

Painted Aluminum and Stainless Steel, 22’ W x 26.5’ H x 1’ D


Commissioned by Cousins Properties, this artwork was fully integrated and planned into the new construction for their Atlanta headquarters. The artwork yields the building facade as a canvas and embodies the interconnected hubs Cousins' multifaceted work and locations.