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Pangaea and Genesis

Client: Poros Estiatorio Restaurant

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $18,000

Project Team


Elle Leonard

Elle Leonard


August Vernon

August Vernon

Industry Resource

CC Designs


Poros is a bright and airy Aegean Estiatorio located in PPG 2, one of the hippest spots in Pittsburgh. Poros offers the largest patio dining in Pittsburgh.


The artwork goals in this project were of the upmost importance to the overall design of the restaurant's interior. The artists' task was to create sculptural works of clay which seamlessly fit within the interior design and Aegean theme of Poros.


The collaboration process began with owner Yves Carreau’s vision of the restaurant's theme, art, and design. Artists August Vernon and Elle Leonard worked with Yves Carreau and his designers from CC Designs, Cassidy Miller and Courtney Lynch, to create truly unique sculptural clay.

Additional Information

The hope is to inspire a message of unity through an artistic experience at Poros. No matter how diverse we have become as a people, we began as one world, from one land known as Pangaea. The artistic vision brings together the ancient ideas of creation in harmony with the modern ideas of evolution, respecting whether the earth was created in a short period of time or evolved over the course of millions of years. The sculptural work here is primitive yet elegant. Its beauty inspires wonder, while its raw textures call to the source of human connectivity.