Palo Alto Temporary Murals Project.

Submitted by Robin Apple


Client: Palo Alto Public Art Commission

Location: Palo Alto, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $2,500

Project Team

selection, consultation

Elise DeMarzo

Palo Alto Public Art Commission

selection, consultation

Nadya Chuprina

Palo Alto Public Art Commission


Robin Apple

robin apple photography


I was one of eight artists selected by the Palo Alto Public Arts Commission to create a temporary mural for one of the business/retail corridors in Palo Alto. The images, reflecting themes of diversity, empathy, cultural awareness, optimism, were printed at 8′ x 6′ on recyclable adhesive aluminum, that will last on outdoor walls for up to a year. I created a collaged image of scenes mostly from around Palo Alto including nature, animals, and people. My image, “Sunrise at the Baylands” was placed on an outdoor wall in downtown Palo Alto, on the side of Pacific Art League.


The goals of this project were focused on contributing beauty and joy to the community of Palo Alto during the challenging time of the pandemic,


I responded to a call for art by Palo Alto Public Arts Commission and submitted images characteristic of my style of artwork. Once selected, I met with members of the committee to discuss my ideas for the project. I then submitted a few images to them for consideration. We agreed on an image, they got approval from the hosting site and I then worked on vectorizing the image to scale to meet their timeline.