Palm Beach Blooms - CODAworx

Palm Beach Blooms

Client: Shopcore Properties, A Blackstone Company

Location: Palm Beach, FL, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Erik Lowe

Vector Custom Fabricating

Architect and Design

Frankie Campione

CREATE Architectural Planning and Design


Betsy Lane

Betsy Lane Art


Stefan Zubovic

EOS Lightmedia

Rolled Stems

Joe Wendt

Chicago Rolled Metal Products


Mike Magajne

Bucthel Finishing


Peter Skvara

Tradecraft Crafting


Mike Alspach

Beyel Brothers

Structural Engineering

Alireza Iahijanian



Public Stainless Steel Dandelions w/ interactive technology – The project includes 6 large-scale stainless dandelions over 15ft tall installed in West Palm Beach Downtown. These flowers are fabricated from 100% Marine Grade Stainless Steel w/ outdoor rated lighting systems. Each flower is designed to withstand all the elements; wind, rain, salt as well as low to zero maintenance. All flowers contain sensors within the blooms / environment. Using data, the flowers ignite unique lighting arrays depending on what is occurring in the public space. These sculptures have the ability to initiate custom experiences, acting light a magnet for all that is near.


One of the main requirements for this project was to design these rare flowers to withstand up to 200mph winds. With my engineering team, we were able to calculate the wind load specifications for each individual flower. These flowers were engineered to withstand Category 5 winds and all the elements that come with it.


This project included various collaboration efforts, One of the main being EOS Lightmedia. They are masters at elevating environments through technology and data. Using top of the line industrial flood lights and sensors, we were able to create a space where pedestrians movements would create a unique one-of-a-kind light array experience. The idea behind it is to keep the environment fresh; always creating a new experience.

Additional Information

It was just approved by the City of Palm Beach Public Art Council to be a permanent sculpture in the City of Palm Beach. It was crucial to The City and our client to create concepts that related to the native area of Florida. We were able to render various ideas, all made entirely from High-Grade Stainless Steel to cater to the clients wishes for a unique sculptural experience.