Palace ten Bosch. The DNA Room. - CODAworx

Palace ten Bosch. The DNA Room.


Client: State of Netherlands

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Jacob van der Beugel

Jacob van der Beugel

Scientific Advisor

Hans Clevers

Hubrecht Institute


The DNA Room for King and Queen of Netherlands. Commissioned by the Dutch State, the room functions as a State reception room for dignitaries. The walls are approximately 80msq, created out of 80,000 handmade ceramic blocks. The walls are sectioned into 5 portraits: The King, the Queen, past portrait, future portrait and a global citizen portrait.


Integration was highly significant, into a historic building. The project was tailor made for the space.


I collaborated with architects, historic buildings supervisors and scientists.

Additional Information

This is a highly significant art installation into a unique setting. It has been designed so that future generations can enjoy the space.