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Painted Stainless Steel Sculpture-The Earth Backbone



Location: Qingdao, China

Completion date: 2014

Project Team

Sculpture design

Jing Xiaolei

Sculpture artist

Sculpture manufacturer

Sino Sculpture Group Limited

Sino Sculpture Group Limited

Sculpture installation

Qingdao Expo2014

Qingdao Expo


The outdoor stainless steel sculpture the Earth Backbone, completed in 2014 for the Qingdao Expo, is 28 meters long, with a backbone piercing from the earth and then falling back to the earth, which is Mr. Jing Xialei’s first attempt at public art with in this style of work.


This artwork came from a young Chinese sculptor named Jing Xiaolei, who created it for Qingdao Expo. in 2014. It belongs the Bone series which theme is in the future, after breaking the code of nature, people will look back and worship the original simplicity and greatness.


Design, model optimization, hand forging, fabrication of the main structure, surface painting, transportation, on-site installation.

Additional Information

This sculpture was made of 304 stainless steel with white painting. The main craft to produce is hand forging. Each segment of the backbone was enlarged by 3D computer model, and forged in stainless steel panel to form the shape of each segment. Then connected each of them with internal mild steel structure and welding. This is an extraordinary artworks among these sculptures group in the Qingdao Expo. 2014, also bring the incredible experience to the guests from different countries.