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Submitted by Bradley Designs, LLC

Client: Montana State University

Location: Bozeman, MT, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $23,500

Project Team


Tad Bradley

Tad Bradley Designs, LLC


Montana State University



Kiln-formed glass and mild steel. Renovated science building on the campus of Montana State University – Bozeman. This project was commissioned by the University to enhance a gathering area on the south side of the second floor lobby. The composition consists of 25 glass panels inspired by DNA sequencing, the Fibonacci sequence, and Montana’s natural colors. The tallest panels are 35″ and the overall length is 25 ft.


The goals of integrating this artwork into the space were focussed on the community typically using the space, scientists and researching/studying students. The colors, proportions and composition all relate to the building program, Montana State University, and the surrounding community.


The collaboration occurred between the University facilities project manager and Tad Bradley Designs, LLC. The goals, timeline and budget were established followed by refinement and subtle clarifications and then fabrication began.

Additional Information

This project took into consideration the color palate of Montana, natural light, proportioning systems [Fibonacci], genetics, as well as the cycle of seasons.