Overflowing Blessings - CODAworx

Overflowing Blessings

Submitted by Moully Art

Client: Private Collection

Location: East Hamptons , NY, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team

Lead Artist

Yitzchok Moully

Moully Art

Creative Solutions

Jose Perez

Moully Art


Overflowing Blessings is a series of interactive public art installations that invite communal engagement and foster collective expressions of gratitude. The creative intentions are to break down the traditional barriers between the viewer and the artwork, allowing participants to become co-creators of the final piece.

The series is inspired by the Jewish ritual of overflowing the Kiddush cup, a symbol of life’s abundant blessings. This concept has been translated into a larger-than-life sculpture that begins as a blank canvas, waiting to be transformed by the community’s engagement. Participants are invited to pour a cup of colored paint over the sculpture while expressing something they are grateful for. The layered colors resulting from this process represent the collective blessings of the community, visualizing a vibrant celebration of shared gratitude.


The primary goals of Overflowing Blessings are to:

Foster community engagement: By providing a platform for individuals to express their gratitude, Overflowing Blessings serves as a catalyst for community participation and interaction.

Promote the visualization of collective gratitude: By transforming gratitude from an intangible emotion into a visible, vibrant display of color, Overflowing Blessings allows communities to witness the collective appreciation and positivity within their society.

Encourage reflection and mindfulness: By inviting individuals to voice what they are grateful for, Overflowing Blessings promotes introspection and mindfulness, cultivating a positive atmosphere and fostering emotional well-being.

Additional Information

Overflowing Blessings is available either as participatory public art project or as a completed sculpture. Overflowing Blessings transforms a Jewish ritual into a communal celebration of gratitude. Central to my creative process is the transformation of spectators into active contributors, thereby fostering a shared, creative experience. The installation begins as a blank canvas — a metallic goblet sculpture, designed to be visually transformed either by the community or presented as a completed piece. When activated by the community, each participant pours a cup of - one of ten colors - of paint onto the sculpture, symbolizing their personal blessing they are grateful for. This interactive process results in a vibrant array of colors that visually represent a collective expression of gratitude. Conversely, if presented as a completed piece, the sculpture would stand as a visual embodiment of the collective gratitude, each color already poured representing a blessing and thus serving as a beacon of gratitude, appreciation, and community spirit.