Oval Fountain - CODAworx

Oval Fountain

Submitted by OTB - COMSA SERVICE

Client: Bilbao City Hall

Location: Bilbao, Spain

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Desing and installation

Judit Monclús

OTB - Comsa Service

Stone carving

Ángel Mercé

Torregris Piedra Natural


The Oval Fountain is a Marquina marble stone fountain designed specifically for the Bilbao City Hall. It is a three-level black ornamental fountain installed in María Díaz de Haro street, in the center of Bilbao, Spain. Its design is inspired by the orbits of the planets through the solar system. The upper jet is an allegory of the sun. The installation consisted of carving and placing the stones and the electrical and hydraulic components necessary for the proper functioning of the jet and the waterfalls. It is illuminated by leds at night.


The interest of this project was to coordinate the artwork of the stone carving with the installation of the equipment, needed in the fountain.


We work side to side with Bilbao's cityhall to design the correct shape of the stone and systems. Once the design was clear and approved, we started with the carving of the stone and finally take the team to install the hidraulic systems and puzzle the stones. It took three month to developp the whole project.