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Outdoor Botanical Sculpture

Submitted by Mia Kaplan

Client: New Orleans Botanical Gardens

Location: New Orleans, LA, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $6,500

Project Team


Mia Kaplan

Mia Kaplan Studio


DK Yingst

Mia Kaplan Studio


Site-specific outdoor sculpture made to attach safely to a historic oak tree in the New Orleans Botanical Gardens in City Park. Piece measures approximately 6 feet in diameter. Inspiration comes from journaling and Victorian floriography.


This piece had to be created to get along with the existing tree. The oak itself had suffered a lightning bolt, so the work was created to grow from the trunk safely, using lightweight materials and a wooden frame to secure the elements of the work in place.


The director of the gardens allowed for artistic freedom, and offered guidance with regard to installation. The work was created to bring life to an area that needed it. There is not much opportunity to touch the work, so the work was able to have sharper points in the design.

Additional Information

This piece was designed to be on display for a year. A permanent work would require occasional maintenance, as the foliage does move during high winds. The work ended up being on display for over four years.