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Our River Jewels

Submitted by Hannah Maximova

Client: Franklin Magnet School

Location: Glendale, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Alfredo Lopez

Zoe Mosaics

Art Consultant

Monica Campagna

Zoe Mosaics


Hannah Maximova


An original stained glass mosaic mural gracing a cement amphitheater on the campus of a public elementary school. This project, entitled “Our River Jewels" was inspired by the nearby Los Angeles River and the wild animals who live there. It covers just over 140 square feet of the amphitheater.


This project incorporated two original mosaic murals depicting LA River scenes as well as four 66’ long riser mosaics elements which featured LA River-inspired flowing water imagery that included tiles featuring sponsor names and quotes along with child-produced imagery. Merging these two sensibilities into a cohesive product was desired and was accomplished through the use of glass fusing, making the words permanent fixtures of the tiles they reside on. The word tiles are in the shape and color of water and fish elements which enhanced the river theme and tied these sections to the larger mosaic murals they are connected to.


The artist and designer, Hannah Maximova, worked closely with the school's administration and nonprofit foundation to find a theme and plan that satisfied all parties. In the end over 200 local families participated, some through direct mosaic creation on the community workdays and others through financial sponsorship. It galvanized the community and our unveiling was attended by over 300 families. Additionally students of the school were encouraged to submit drawings of river animals and these were also fused into glass segments and incorporated into the mosaic.

Additional Information

This was a true labor of love because the Los Angeles River is being renovated and it's a source of great joy and passion on the part of our artist and our larger community. Bringing these beautiful images of it onto the campus is a true dream come true.