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Ouchhh: DATAMONOLITH_AI at Dubai’s ICD Brookfield Place

Submitted by MASSIVart

Client: ICD Brookfield Place

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Art Curation, Production Management


Creative New Media Studio



A hybrid architectural art installation captivated audiences in Dubai through mesmerizing displays. In collaboration with Dubai’s ICD Brookfield Place and the creative new media studio, Ouchhh, MASSIVart curated a cinematic experience that highlights the power of AI and the ancient origins that we all share. Residing in the heart of Dubai for 27 days, the data-driven sculpture – DATAMONOLITH_AI, beckoned those passing by to immerse themselves in and meditate upon kinetic, dreamlike visuals.

The monolith acts not only as a digital relic of prehistory but also as a touchstone for architectural and technological advancements. Data from the Pre-Pottery Neolithic period (9600–7000 cal BC) was processed through a series of algorithms and powered by artificial intelligence. Images collected from one of the world’s oldest archaeological sites, located in Göbekli Tepe in south-eastern Anatolia, were translated into illuminations on a monumental obelisk, creating an ever-changing display that translated still images into a living sculpture.

The project was conceived and completed in three months from a 10,606.64 km distance (Montreal > Dubai). It resulted in a magnificent 5 x 2 x 2 m monolith made up of LED panels of 3 million pixels, for a public art exhibition lasting 27 days.


Built with the purpose of fostering a greater sense of community and connection, ICD Brookfield Place entrusted MASSIVart to select a public art installation for the building that would share in its mission. Ouchhh’s DATAMONOLITH_AI was chosen for the way in which it brings together an audience by revealing the foundations of our collective past.

DATAMONOLITH_AI is a representation of some of the world’s oldest available data from the Middle East. Set against the backdrop of the UAE’s rapid development and growth, the work is a convergence of ancient and contemporary cultures represented in a contemplative and cinematic way.

A dynamic and inclusive destination, ICD Brookfield Place is a new cultural centre and cutting-edge workplace playing an active role in the transformation of the local arts and culture groups. A community-driven destination, it also acts as a platform to support emerging and established artists in the region. DATAMONOLITH_AI was chosen by MASSIVart to be the first large-scale installation at ICD Brookfield Place because of the immersive storytelling experience it offers audiences, bringing art together at the forefront of technology.