Landscapes - CODAworx


Submitted by Adele Christensen

Client: Private Corporate Office

Location: Malborough, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $5,100

Project Team


Adele Christensen

Adele Christensen Glass


Craig Mcguire

Marlborough Legal and Financial


The brief for this wall montage was that it should capture and reflect the morning sun in the entrance way to a private home, be inspired by landscape and a contemporary relationship in respect of light form and colour fields. Composed of six various cast fused and painterly components using float glass enamel and lustres, creating variable patterning; the light, shadow and space between each form being the glue that visually holds the image together. The overall dimension of the piece c/a 1.500mm x 2.500mm


The goal of this project while being a wall piece for a private client also afforded me opportunity to experiment to create maquettes that could be inspiration for a future larger architectural installation; glass being a material chosen not only for its light casting properties which they desired to enliven their entrance, but for its durability, in a strong light situation and its ability to interrupt the surface of an other wise stark space.


The client initially was interested in my enamel painted seascapes, but on further discussion became engaged in this work that had resulted from my recent M.A research into exploring assemblages as it utilised the transference and reflection of light and colour, as the client had a situation that would allow natural light to interact with the piece. This project then evolved visually out of my abstracted interpretation of landscape to the final composition.

Additional Information

I am interested in connecting the expression of my work with a space; in order to make a place viable and sustainable. Environments that resonate with people have proven to be more sustainable and decoration can be a key component of the attraction that keeps an invested interest. My ambition for this project is for the idea to be realised in the context of a larger architectural structure, where art meets design.