Orlando International Airport - CODAworx

Orlando International Airport

Client: Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

Location: Orlando, FL, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

Terrazzo contractor

Jeff Vanderlinden

Alpine Terrazzo

Airport Manager

Carolyn Fennell

Senior Director of Public Affairs and Community Relations


The Orlando Welcome Garden Project consists of four epoxy terrazzo floors, (68-colors, 3656 sq. ft.) commissioned by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. These gardens extend a warm welcoming gesture to each visitor to Orlando and central Florida through a rich visual tapestry which interweaves themes of space and technology, history, the health & science industries, agriculture, and eco-tourism/entertainment. The terrazzo designs provide a visual foretaste of what those coming to Orlando for work, vacation, study and research might see.


These designs are meant to be calming and joyful to the visitor. The colors are rich and full of depth, subdued and complementary, forms flow one into the next, suggesting a journey with connections across the central Florida landscape. Vision, point-of-view, color, layering, scale, an economy of form—are the primary design elements. Each floor radiates from their center and enjoins numerous elements which repeat across all four floors to create a comprehensive and unified set of designs.


These designs were developed based on themes identified by the airport authority. Each floor was meant to highlight a specific region of the greater Orlando area. The airport authority and the artist worked collaboratively to revise the drawings throughout the schematic phase. Final construction documents were produced by the artist and installed by Alpine Terrazzo with the artist making frequent visits to the site.

Additional Information

A (successful!) marriage proposal was made upon one of these terrazzo floors, the Wellness Garden.