Orbits Interweave - CODAworx

Orbits Interweave

Client: NASA Goddard Visitor Center

Location: Greenbelt, MD, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Artistic Director

Joseph O'Connell

Creative Machines

Design & Fabrication firm

Creative Machines

Creative Machines


Orbits Interweave is a sculpture that consists of three mirrored orbs floating above the viewer and a central vertical element supporting the assembly, allowing the orbs to slowly orbit one another in response to air currents. Alternatively appearing as polished spherical volumes or perfectly flattened disc-shaped portals, the orbs reflect back a surreal image of the viewer, their environment, and the artwork itself. The three orbs represent the view of earth that a satellite sees, and correspond to the interlinked orbits of the sun, earth and moon.


Toby includes incredibly bright red LEDs at his heart which, at night, cast the sharp outlines of his ribs on the buildings and sidewalks nearby. The sculpture consists of painted steel in the shape of a Griffin (half lion, half eagle) and an intense light source that is active whenever the street lights are on.

Additional Information

34’11” diameter x 19’1” high